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What are our Responsibilities?


As a team and active participants in this community, we are responsible for providing the families of our city and the surrounding area with high-quality hospitality. However, our mission continues beyond there. Organizing a funeral service is not just about preparing a person and saying goodbye.


It is very emotional when a family says goodbye to a loved one. We must take care of that loved one as if they were our family. We must think of the best way to present, prepare, dress, and other details. We take into consideration the last wishes of the person and their family. We offer personalized service as our clients have grown with us over the decades. We are a family to our community and like to deliver with ethics and respect. Our skills and values define us:


  • Understand and listen.
    Listening to our clients is fundamental to organizing a dignified service representing the person we are saying goodbye to.
  • Give advice.
    Part of our mission is to be patient when explaining to family and friends the best options for providing a funeral service. Our team is trained to do so.
  • Deliver effectively.
    Being compassionate and a good listener is the foundation of our work. Still, we also have to be effective in performing daily tasks. Our goal is to understand the state's regulations regarding funeral services, complete the paperwork involved with excellence, and comply with the internal and external processes of a funeral home such as ours on time.


Our team of licensed funeral directors can assist you with planning a service, choosing merchandise, and providing grief support. We are ready to serve you. Click below to contact us.


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Terrence M. Sullivan

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